On-Site Pediatrician

The Childhood Center is excited to offer optional Quick Checkups and Sick Visits with Dr. Lara Leonhardt, a pediatrician located in our building.

Busy parents deserve the consideration of their child’s daycare. The Childhood Center works with our families, calling you whenever your child begins to exhibit symptoms of illness. Instead of requiring you to immediately pick up your child we offer the opportunity to have our director or assistant director escort your child to Dr. Leonhardt’s office.

Pediatric Care for your Child

Our partnership with this outstanding pediatrician means that your child receives a thorough examination. After diagnosing the illness, Dr. Leonhardt calls you at work to explain the ailment, the symptoms and what your next steps should be. If deemed necessary, she will also call a pharmacy to fill your child’s prescription(s). After you arrange for payment with the pharmacy, they deliver your child’s prescription to our facilities, and we begin treatment. By the time you arrive at The Childhood Center to pick up your child, he/she is already on the road to recovery. Best of all, you have not missed any work nor had to juggle your already hectic schedule.

This service is limited to children who begin to feel ill while in our care and does not include annual checkups nor treatment for more serious conditions. Additionally, a child’s parent/guardian must be in the pediatrician’s office for shots to be administered. For emergency care, our director or assistant director will escort your child to Dr. Leonhardt’s pediatric practice; however, we do ask that you arrive as soon as possible to support and comfort your child.

After seeing the child, Dr. Leonhardt will discuss with The Childhood Center, the course of illness and if possible to complete the day at the center or if child will need to be picked up as soon as parents can make arrangements to do so.

Please call Dr. Lara Leonhardt’s office at (713) 572-3200 for medical and insurance information.

Lara Varisco Leonhardt, MD
3701 West Alabama, Suite 350
Houston, Texas 77027
713-572-3200 ofc
713-572-3204 fax