Why Us?

Is This The Right Center For My Child?

Answering this question is not a simple yes or no. There are many theories that describe how a child develops, and your child’s development happens in many ways. It is not always obvious indicators such as physical development, walking and talking. Cognitive and emotional areas are a part of child development as well. Our specialists at The Childhood Center are trained to consider all of these factors.

Child Development: Stages and Progression

Most experts agree that children develop in stages which can be cognitive, emotional, social or physical. What experts disagree on is which area is the driving force of development; however, it is widely acknowledged that a child will not progress to his/her next stage until he/she masters of the current one. There is an order, and there is no way to skip a stage.

By understanding the stages of child development, we can answer the question, “When will my child be able to tie his shoelaces?” Such an action utilizes fine motor skills, and to reach the end result—tied laces—a child must progress through many stages of motor skill development. This plays out in a logical order: hand recognition, pincer grasp (ability to pick up small objects with his thumb and index finger), picking up and replacing objects, puzzles, holding writing materials, writing legibly and, finally, tying his shoes. Although this is a rough example, it demonstrates the escalating skill mastery through which a child must progress. This process is slow and different for each child.

A Unique Approach for Each Child

All children are unique; therefore, teaching the same method to everyone is not only a poor approach, but frustrating to the child as well. The Childhood Center uses a combination of developmental theories. We get to know your child and assess where they are in their development. Based on these theories and your child, we design a unique development and learning program. We incorporate your child’s cognitive, emotional, social and physical developments. Teaching this way gives your child the self esteem needed to master each stage of child development.

Your child’s success in our program is as rewarding to them as it is to you.