Toddler Care

Houston Toddler Care Room

At the Childhood Center, our toddler care room offers your child a home away from home. Our 12- to 17-month-old area features a design which enhances your child’s transition to independence as well as an arrangement that encourages learning and child development while simultaneously nurturing your toddler’s needs.

Because 1-year-olds develop at their own pace, our child development staff focuses daily on the skills in which your child expresses interest. We encourage you to speak with our Developmental Specialist or your pediatrician if you have concerns regarding your toddler’s development.

A Child Development and Learning Environment for Young Explorers

From 12- to 17-months old, your child spends much of his/her time moving and exploring. The Childhood Center’s toddler care room has wide, open spaces designed to encourage play and movement. Much like our infant nursery, interactive features are incorporated into the architecture. Our unique bubble wall encourages movement and provides visual stimulation, while our large, soft blocks invite your toddler to crawl and climb. All of these elements combine to aid your child’s muscle development and coordination.

Additionally, we incorporated art, reading, math, science and music centers in the room. Guided by our caring child development staff, your toddler learns independently while receiving the motivation he/she needs.

Creating Lasting Bonds and Unlimited Opportunities

Although your child grows quickly, at this age, he/she still needs individualized care and attention. While The Childhood Center’s staff of child care experts gently guides your 1-year-old into a more structured child development and learning routine, they also ensure that your child’s social needs are fully met. Our low student-to-teacher ratio gives us the opportunity to bond with your toddler during everyday activities such as feedings, diaper changes and hold and cuddle times. This further reinforces your child’s familiarity and trust in our child development staff.

Daily Toddler Activities Include:

  • Indoor Floor Exploration
  • Socialization
  • Outdoor Exploration
  • Story time
  • Singing and Musical Enrichment
  • Bonding via Rocking
  • Diaper Changes and Cleanup
  • Nap Time
  • Bonding via Holding and Cuddling
  • Feeding Time(s)