Infant Care

Houston Infant Care Nursery

From the moment your baby enters The Childhood Center’s infant care room, he/she feels at ease. The product of years of infant study and observation, our nursery provides optimal comfort, safety and learning and development opportunities for your child.

Because young children develop at their own pace, our child development staff focuses daily on the skills in which your baby expresses interest. We encourage you to speak with our Developmental Specialist or your pediatrician if you have concerns regarding your baby’s development.

A Safe Learning and Developmental Environment for Babies

From the age of six weeks through 11 months, your baby expresses a need and desire to explore his/her surroundings. Our nursery features a warm, inviting design that calms your child and gives him/her a feeling of security. We decorated the room in soothing colors and placed extra padding under our carpet to give your baby a soft place to crawl and roll as he/she begins to navigate the world.

Unique features like our bubble wall fascinate your baby and passively encourage him/her to pull to a standing position. Mirrors, bars and other wall-mounted activities further promote the desire to stand and walk.

Nurturing Relationships

At this young age, your baby seeks the security of familiar places and people. Our low student-to-teacher ratio creates the opportunity for our childcare experts to spend one-on-one time with your baby. To encourage his/her desire to communicate with others, we bond with your child during his/her daily activities, such as story time and feedings. But your family’s role in your baby’s development is extremely important as well. For this reason, each child will have a picture of their family placed above their crib. This ensures your child’s familiarity and trust in your family as well as our child development specialists.

Daily Infant Development Activities Include:

  • Indoor Floor Exploration
  • Socialization
  • Outdoor Exploration
  • Story time
  • Singing and Musical Enrichment
  • Bonding via Rocking
  • Diaper Changes and Cleanup
  • Nap Time
  • Bonding via Holding and Cuddling
  • Feeding Time(s)