2 Year Olds Child Development and Day Care

Two-Year-Old Care Room

At 2-years-old, your child continues along his/her path to independence. At The Childhood Center, our Two-Year-Old Care room provides the many tools needed for your son/daughter to further his/her ability to navigate the world. By incorporating more learning with child development, our child care staff helps mold your son/daughter into a well-adjusted, intelligent individual.

Because 2-year-olds develop at their own pace, our child development staff focuses daily on the skills in which your child expresses interest. We encourage you to speak with our Developmental Specialist or your pediatrician if you have concerns regarding your child’s development.

Child Development for the Independent and Inquisitive

During this critical development stage, your child needs open space, structure and the ability to assert his/her autonomy. At The Childhood Center, we provide large, age-appropriate and manipulative activities that aid coordination development. Additionally, in our 2-year-old room’s more structured environment, our staff guides your child through constructive play and learning via exploration centers that incorporate fundamental skills in science, math, art, music and language. By exciting and stimulating your child’s desire to learn at an early age, our child development specialists help create a life-long love of learning.

Safe Outdoor Play That Encourages Health

This stage of development is the optimal time to introduce your son/daughter to outside play. The Childhood Center’s playground features one-of-a-kind equipment, designed specifically for children under 4. In the safety of our outdoor grounds, your child develops his/her large muscles while enjoying our tree house slide made by Toddler Trees and our ping pong house from Crooked House.

Critical Skills Development with Positive Reinforcement

The Childhood Center uses a natural, positive method to promote your child’s desire to perform many necessary skills, including dressing, undressing, feeding himself/herself and, perhaps most importantly, use the potty.

While designing our 2-year-old care room, we catered to the needs of the independent child, including the need to use the restroom. Our easily accessed facilities and the encouragement of our child development staff help your 2-year-old complete the potty training process without fear.

Daily 2-Year-Old Activities Include:

  • Indoor Floor Exploration
  • Socialization
  • Outdoor Play
  • Story time
  • Singing and Musical Enrichment
  • Bonding via Rocking
  • Diaper Changes and Cleanup
  • Nap Time
  • Bonding via Holding and Cuddling
  • Feeding Time(s)