Age-Appropriate Child Development for Infant through Pre-Kindergarten

All children develop at their own pace and have their own interests. At The Childhood Center, we strive to create learning and developmental activities that instill a lifelong love of learning as well as offer valuable knowledge and opportunities to enhance motor skills. Your child will enjoy playing with purpose and will be ready to thrive in Kindergarten and beyond.

Our Rooms

Infant Care Nursery

From the moment he/she enters our infant care room at The Childhood Center, your child will feel at home. We took many extra steps to ensure that every aspect of the room gives your child a warm, calm and loving feeling. We added extra padding under our carpet to give your baby’s knees a soft place to crawl. We chose toxin-free paint in soothing colors as well as a one-of-a-kind bubble wall that fascinates children. With our low student-to-teacher ratios, your child receives the special attention that he/she deserves.

Toddler Room

Much like our infant care room, The Childhood Center provides your 12-month-old a true home away from home. While your baby transitions from crawling to walking, he/she benefits from a room with a design that encourages development through exploration. Here, activities are low to the ground and provide the stimulation needed to help your child develop the muscle coordination needed to reach, climb, walk and grow.

Two-Year-Old Room

Our room for two-year-olds is designed to encourage self-help skills development. Having mastered walking, he/she begins to independently meet some of his/her most basic needs. It is a time of radical change and development, and The Childhood Center supports your child as he/she learns to use the potty, eat and clean without help. Using a gentle hand, we guide and support your child as they master his/her world.

Preschool Room

Our three-year-olds’ class stimulates your child’s interest in learning. Through discovery centers, we encourage your child to ask questions, search for answers and explore. Using developmentally appropriate materials, we support your child’s interest in all areas of learning. Each day, the room arrangement indirectly guides your child through his/her lessons.

Pre-Kindergarten Room

Like all our classrooms, the four-year-olds’ room gives your child the feeling of learning at home. We designed the room to stimulate your child’s desire to learn and have fun in a relaxed environment. Using developmental appropriate materials matched with The Childhood Center’s unique curriculum, your child gains the skills necessary to make a smooth transition into kindergarten.

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratios

 # of ChildrenTo 1 Teacher
Young Toddlers
2 Year Olds
3 Year Olds

Because we have larger rooms than most centers, we can accommodate larger groups. To guaranty the safety and well-being of our charges and to ensure a quality child care and learning environment, we have a larger staff than required by the state.

For more information, please review The Childhood Center’s FAQ page, contact us at 713-622-5439 or schedule a tour.