Houston’s Premier Child Development Center

The Education of a School with the Comfort and Support of a Home

The Childhood Center Is a Child Development Center Like No Other. The Childhood Center is a private, family-owned and -operated child development center. We provide individualized quality child care for children from ages 6 weeks to 4 years. Our staff is highly trained in early childhood education and child development, and our low student-to-teacher ratios make it easier to provide love, support and care to each child enrolled in our center.

On Site Pediatrician

Because we know that parents and guardians have many obligations, we are partnered with a pediatrician who allows us to bring your child to her office for minor illnesses and emergency treatment. If she feels that your child would benefit from medication, a pharmacy will deliver the needed item to The Childhood Center so we can begin treatment immediately. This drastically reduces how often you will need to come to our center while still ensuring that your son/daughter receives the best child care possible.

A Playground like no other

We worked with the Toddler Trees and Crooked House companies to develop a playground like no other! Our specially designed playground was made for children four-years-old and younger. It encourages large muscle growth while creating a safe environment for your child to explore. We believe that child development is more than just education; it is ensuring your child’s physical development as well.

From the home-like feeling when you walk in the door to the loving, first-class attention you and your child receive from our staff, The Childhood Center exceeds all your child care and child development expectations.

Age-Appropriate Child Development Curriculum for Infant through Pre-Kindergarten

All children develop at their own pace and have their own interests. At The Childhood Center, we strive to create learning and developmental activities that instill a lifelong love of learning as well as offer valuable knowledge and opportunities to enhance motor skills. Your child will enjoy playing with purpose and will be ready to thrive in Kindergarten and beyond.

ChildHood Center’s CFO David Caldwel interviewed on local television for expertise on cost of Child Care in Texas